Enable Real-Time Integration for Analytics with Qlik Replicate

SAP systems can be challenging to integrate because they’re structurally cumbersome. They’re often comprised of tens of thousands of tables with complex relationships as well as proprietary
data formats that make data inaccessible outside of SAP applications. This complexity means that integrating data for analytics can be cumbersome, time consuming and costly.

That’s why enterprises running on SAP turn to Qlik®. The software helps organizations make SAP data universally availability across analytics platforms, onpremises and in the cloud. Qlik Replicate™ software(formerly Attunity Replicate) delivers simple, real-time change data capture (CDC) replication so you can meet fast-changing business requirements in an agile way. It’s
universal SAP data availability for your analytics initiatives.

In this whitepaper you can read all about:

  • Key requirements
  • Use cases
  • Best practices

Click the image to open/download the whitepaper.